The devices that used to take data from humans in computer systems are called input devices. There are following common types of input devices are listed below:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Scanner
  • Light pen
  • microphone


Keyboard is one of the input devices that takes the data from the user and displays it on the screen. A keyboard has alphabets, numeric keys, special characters and keys. Each alphabet or number generates a binary code for the computer because computer do not recognize the human language so a standard is developed to understand that binary codes called as ASCII code, it is an American standard used to understand the conversions between binary codes and alphabets that are generated by the keyboard when user gives any input.


For instance, I type this article on Microsoft office by putting the alphabets through the keyboard.


Mouse is the most important device in the computer because most of the work done in computer accomplished by mouse. The cursor is used to move to click on any specific point. Basically, it points on the screen when a user presses any button of the mouse. The left button is used to select any particular destination and the right one is used to open the menu of selected destination.


For instance, I click on the left button of mouse, a menu is appear in the form of list and I selected “new” and a new folder icon is appear on the desktop.


Scanner is another device that is comes under in this category. It generates the copy of printed paper as it is. Moreover, nowadays scanner in place with the printer but printer is an output device.


For instance, scan a printed document one or multiple times.


Light pen is used to points on the screen like a mouse without any wire. Actually it is a wireless device used to point on the screen, mouse has a cursor to point and light pen has a laser light to point. It has a limited distance to point on the screen. It is commonly used when a user uses projector to display the screen to describe something to others.


For instance, in a presentation I use light pen to move the slides left and right side.


Microphone is also the type of input device. User uses to talk on the audio and video call and also used is as a mike. It is an efficient option to make a call to someone anywhere everywhere with a laptop or tablet as simple as computer based systems.


For instance, I make call with microphone beyond my domestic borders means internationally connected with someone.

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