CPU is the most essential part of computer system because it controls all the processing of system. ‎When user gives the input to the system it goes in the CPU then it performs the functions ‎according to the instructions. CPU is further divided into three components ALU (arithmetic logic unit), CU ‎‎(control unit), MU (memory unit).

ALU stands for arithmetic logic unit that performs all mathematical and logical functions like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, comparison operators.

Mathematical operators:

+ Used to add the numbers
Used to minus the numbers
/ Used for division of two numbers
* Used to multiply the numbers


Logical operators:

> Sign of greater than
< Sign of less than
= Sign of equal to
=> Sign of equal to and greater than
=< Sign of equal to and less than



Memory unit stands for memory unit that acts as a storage house for computer system. All the processed data store in memory unit. A computer has three types of memory: RAM (random access memory), ROM (read only memory), hard disk. RAM is temporary memory, it saves the data until the computer system in on, when it gets shut down the all data is erased so it is better to save the data in hard disk because it is permanent memory and ROM is also permanent data storage of computer system.


Control system stands for control system it controls all the function of computer whether it is mathematical, logical and so on. it is main component of the CPU because it handles the overall functionality of a system.

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