After taking input, a computer system processes it and display the output through output devices. So here is the list of output devices that are commonly used:

  • Monitor
  • Printers
  • Projector
  • Speakers
  • Headphones


Monitor works as an interface between user and a computer. Monitor includes other types of screen like LCD (liquid crystal display), LED (light emitting diodes) also. Monitor presents screen resolution in pixels. User gives any instructions to the computer it shows on the monitor screen. But nowadays, LCD and LED are commonly used in IT world instead of monitor display.


Like I type this article on MS word and display on the monitor screen of my laptop.


Printers is one of the common output device used to print any file or document saved into file or it can generate the hard copy of any file or document. Printer has many types like laser printer, color printer and almost every IT department and computer based offices used these printers according to their needs. Representing a document in hard copy is the best to deliver any report.


For instance, I printed this document through my printer as hard copy.


Projector is another output device used to display the screen at huge area. Mostly projectors are used in high authorities meetings and in seminars as well. It is the best way to present PPT (power point) slides to audience. Projector is the best way to deliver the ideas to everyone instead of convincing one by one. Projector is look like a box and has a light that is used to reflect the screen of computer in front of everyone.


For instance, at a seminar of Information technology the presenter presents their ideas by using projector.


Nowadays, buffers are used instead of speakers but speakers are still enlisted in the types of output devices. They are used to display any audio cassette like songs etc. speakers are huge in size as well as smaller in size are also available in market. The most common brand of speakers and buffers is Audionic.


For instance, a cassette of birthday song is played on to the speakers.


Headphones are similar like hands-free, headphones are available wired and wireless also in market. Basically, headphones are used listen any sound or voice whether it is song or it is voice and video call. It performs a main function in delivering voice from one point to another point. Headphones have functions of maximize or minimize the volume according to the pitch. They are available in different colors and sizes in market.


Like, I make a voice call from Pakistan to America using headphones.

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