A memory is said to be any space or capacity to store something. In computer system, memory works as a store house to store any data or information in it whether it is permanent and non-permanent. Memory travels into byte or bits forms: MB (mega-byte), KB (kilo-byte), TB (tera-byte), GB (giga-byte) and many others forms of memory included as well.

There are three types of memory in computers:

  • RAM
  • ROM


RAM stands for random access memory used to store the data temporarily. It is temporary storage or said to be erasable memory, all the data or instructions store in it until it gets shut off, and after getting shut down or powered off the data or current information is loss so it is better to save the information permanently. RAMs are available with different sizes according to the requirements. It is look like ruler shaped or chip.


ROM stands for read only memory used to store the data permanently. ROM contains a type of programming to start the computer and it booted up the system when you turn on it. ROM has many types like PROM (programmable read only memory), EPROM (erasable programmable read only memory), EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read only memory), and flash is also type of ROM. These all types are differentiated according to their specifications.


Hard disk used to store the data or information permanently or retrieved it when needed. External hard disk and internal hard disk both are available according to the system’s needs. The data stored in hard disk is said to be permanent data until a user will delete it permanently. It is beneficial to having external hard disk because you attached the external one into any computer system but it is better to check those systems is free from viruses or threads because it can be harmful for your external hard disk.


Major difference between above types of memory is RAM is temporary memory while ROM and Hard Disk is permanent memory storage.

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