Facebook is one of the most popular applications used to connect people internationally or globally. In this modern era, everyone whether an old man or a teenager will fully aware about Facebook. With Facebook, we can share posts, photos etc. with each other. Facebook also gives security features to its users like login code and mobile verification code. It also has other little apps like games, horoscopes etc. different pages and groups of popular personalities are available on Facebook. By liking these pages or joining these groups we can stay connected with our favorite personalities. These things became Facebook the top-used app in the world.


After Facebook, Twitter is the second most popular social media in the world that also works globally but there are several differences between twitter and Facebook, like in security and privacy features. There is no limitation in Facebook but twitter allocates some characters, the term referred as “tweets”.


Instagram is another leading social media app network in the world. It has attractive interface that interacts the user effectively. Likes, comments, posts, mentions are also provide by the instagram. The best part of the instagram is that profile picture is secured by any vulnerable hacker because it does not display the save option nor captured by screenshot due to the minimum size of profile picture. It has also the private account option, if user switches to private account so nobody can access your account. The differentiate feature of instagram is to follow the peoples instead of add them.


Google+ or Gmail is the widely used application that leading the official use. It has most attractive options for businessmen because the email section is included here. Gmail has also the posts, comments, likes options like instagram and Facebook. Gmail contains all the options of email like compose, sent, inbox and so on. News alerts are also available on gmail.


LinkedIn is the most unique social media network in all of the above apps designed and specialized for professional businessmen. Having account on LinkedIn, you will find information about past and present as well. Uploading a cv (curriculum vitae) has advance and additional feature of LinkedIn because cv of any user seen by professionals and they can hire them for giving appropriate jobs.


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